Small Businesses

Rebecca has been a champion of small businesses in our community which are critical to both the economy and the livelihood of so many of our neighborhood families.

  • Rebecca has cosponsored legislation that suspends all rent payments for certain residential and small business commercial tenants and certain mortgage payments for ninety days due to COVID-19.
  • Rebecca has distributed Proper Protective Equipment (PPE) and sanitizer to small businesses throughout the district to ensure safety for the workers and customers of our community.
  • Rebecca has cosponsored legislation which establishes the coronavirus pandemic small business and not-for-profit organization loan program.
  • Rebecca has cosponsored legislation that eases the cost of a changing insurance market on small businesses and school districts which currently uses stop-loss and reinsurance to provide healthcare for their employees.
  • Rebecca has organized and sponsored community affairs programs and seminars on small business issues for the district.
  • Rebecca has assisted small businesses in cutting through the red tape associated with obtaining certifications to conduct their enterprises.