Statement from Assemblymember Seawright on leaked Roe V. Wade Decision

The reported leaked draft opinion indicating that the United States Supreme Court already voted to overturn the landmark Roe v. Wade assuring women everywhere of their reproductive rights is deeply distressing. 

Although the final ruling is not expected until sometime in June, the draft signals the termination of the historic guarantee that a woman's right to choose will be respected throughout the nation. Instead reproductive rights will be left to the states, where harsh restrictions have already been enacted in many instances. 

This falls heaviest on poor women and families and people of color who do not have access to adequate and affordable health care. Thankfully, here in New York State, reproductive rights have already been codified in statute. 

This is no substitute, however, for national recognition of a woman's right to choose. We call upon the United States Supreme Court to reverse their misguided draft ruling before it is too late.   


Rebecca A. Seawright 

Member of Assembly 76th AD

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Meet Rebecca Seawright

Assembly Member Rebecca Seawright represents the 76th Assembly District, including the Manhattan neighborhoods of the Upper East Side, Yorkville and Roosevelt Island. Seawright is a lifelong advocate for women’s rights and is a champion for education at all levels, senior citizen, human rights, and LGBTQ+ rights, affordable housing, environmental protection, public health, election reform, criminal justice reform, and government transparency.

Along with her colleagues, she achieved the strongest rent reforms in New York State’s history, making rent stabilization and rent control permanent. She is a fighter against discrimination, intolerance and violence. She obtained passage for a new law providing for insurance coverage for women and men who need 3-D mammograms for breast cancer detection. She introduced and passed an Equal Rights Amendment to the New York State Constitution. She has secured $12 million of funding for her district’s public schools, senior centers and parks.

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