Criminal Justice Reform

Among the major issues Assemblymember Rebecca Seawright has provided strong and consistent leadership to get the job done in Albany for our community:

  • Rebecca co-sponsored Bill A2513 to repeal section 50-a of the Civil Rights Law to make public the police disciplinary records detailing misconduct.
  • Rebecca fought for and helped pass the STA Act which provides greater transparency by collecting and publicly reporting critical police data from across the state.
  • Rebecca fought to pass A5617 to establish an Office of Special Investigation within the State Attorney General’s Office to investigate civilian deaths which occurred in law enforcement custody.
  • Rebecca co-sponsored legislation to raise the age of adult criminal responsibility to 18 from 16 which precludes juvenile defendants from being held in an adult facility.
  • Rebecca successfully advocated for passage of legislation which provides for the automatic sealing of the records of certain low-level convictions for possession of marijuana and prohibits waiver of such sealings as part of a plea agreement to avoid the unfair stigma of a lifelong criminal record.