K Through 12 Education

Rebecca championed education as a PTA activist and is now a member of the Assembly Education Committee fighting for 3K-12 and advocating for increased support for our public schools.

  • As the mother of two children educated through the New York City Public School System she knows firsthand the importance of adequate funding for quality education.
  • Rebecca has recently passed a budget which includes an increase in support for public school funding by over one billion dollars.
  • Rebecca has introduced legislation to instruct the State Education Commissioner to develop curriculum to include materials on the historical treatment (and mistreatment) of LGBTQ+ people.
  • Rebecca has introduced legislation to require every school district in New York State to provide grades nine through twelve one full unit of instruction designated to consumer awareness and financial education.
  • Rebecca has fought for higher salaries for our teachers and counselors and obtained precious funding for urgently needed capital projects at public schools in the district.