Rebecca has been a leading advocate and champion on maintaining affordable housing for the Upper East Side, Yorkville, and Roosevelt Island.

  • Rebecca is a proud co-sponsor of Good Cause Eviction and strongly believes that tenants should not be  subject to landlord harassment and rent increases. Rebecca is pushing for its passage this 2022 legislative session to finally establish that the landlord is not the law. 
  • Rebecca cosponsored the Housing Stability and Tenant Protection act of 2019 which implemented measures to abolish vacancy decontrol, expand the Emergency Tenant Protection Act statewide, and diminished the ability of the landlords to raise the rent after renovations of a building or apartment unit.
  • Rebecca convened a task force to preserve affordability as the Roosevelt Island Westview building exited Mitchell-Lama. The Assemblymember’s community office worked with stakeholders throughout negotiations, to preserve affordability in our city and state.
  • Supporting NYCHA tenants – In Albany, she fought to secure funding in the amount of $400,000 to renew Robbins Plaza with new appliances
  • Rebecca has strenuously opposed the repeal of New York City’s cap on residential floor-area-ratio (FAR) in the multiple dwelling law which would allow for more out-of-scale buildings.
    ●The community office is a resource for resolving housing issues with a Tuesday Housing Legal Probono Clinic, and regular SCRIE/DRIE rent freeze clinics to keep housing affordable for long-time rent-stabilized tenants. 
  • Rebecca supports capping the height of buildings in order to help ameliorate harmful overdevelopment.