Roosevelt Island

  1. The residents of Roosevelt Island must be empowered through home rule to have a greater Roosevelt Islandsay over the quality of their lives and the lives of their families. This starts with an elected Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation Board (RIOC) that is appropriately empowered to retain professional management responsive to the needs of the community.
  2. A residency requirement should be implemented for ALL members of the RIOC Board of Directors. Our nation was founded on the principle, “no taxation without representation.”  This reform must be put squarely before the Governor and the New York State Legislature, building on the great work of the dedicated activists that have vigorously fought for needed changes for many years.
  3. The key issues that impact most on Roosevelt Island residents—an accountable public safety program, transportation access and subway improvements, availability of social services, education reforms and increased resource needs, community benefits and employment opportunities to be obtained from the planned Cornell University/ Technion campus, senior and disabled citizenRoosevelt Island services, infrastructure improvements/innovations and environmental protection needs, expansion of playgrounds for children, new approaches to ferry services and the uses of waterways—will never be fully addressed without a democratic governance structure to enable the 12,000 residents of Roosevelt Island to have a full voice in determining their futures.
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