Women’s Equality

rosie-womens-equalityWhen it comes to women’s equality, New York is still coming up short. The long-overdue Women’s Equality Act is more than a priority, it’s a moral obligation. The fact that women’s equality is in legislative limbo is unacceptable. The women in this district, and women statewide, deserve the basic protections of this Act. Rebecca will work tirelessly in Albany to make sure that all 10 ten points of the Women’s Equality Act become law in New York State.

Rebecca has been fighting for equality since she was a teenager shining a light on the discrimination by the “old boys’ club.” Rebecca has worked her whole life to protect women’s rights, having been mentored by Sarah Weddington, the attorney who successfully argued Roe v. Wade, and Ann Richards, famed feminist and former Governor.

Rebecca’s long held feminist values will fuel her fight for the Women’s Equality Act in Albany.  Rebecca supports all 10 points of this bill, including the point that could potentially codify a woman’s right to choose, and Rebecca is personally invested in ensuring that her mentor’s legacy lives on.

This Act cannot continue to sit in the Senate while women continue to suffer the inequalities and injustices that these bills are designed to defend.  Passing the Women’s Equality Act in its entirety is integral to creating a safe and healthy environment for all New Yorkers.

A majority of residents on the Upper East Side and
Roosevelt Island are women. They and their families are entitled to the protections offered by the highly debated Women’s Equality Act. Enough debate. It’s time to pass all 10 points of the Women’s Equality Agenda.
  1. Securing Equal Pay
  2. Ending Sexual Harassment
  3. Expanding Access to Justice
  4. Stopping Employment Discrimination
  5. Providing Fair Access to Housing
  6. Supporting Domestic Violence Victims
  7. Creating Remote Access to Orders of Protection
  8. Fighting Against Human Trafficking
  9. Ending Pregnancy Discrimination
  10. Safeguarding Reproductive Health