Affordable Housing

Affordable HousingThe biggest issue facing the 76th Assembly District is how to keep the East Side, Yorkville, and Roosevelt Island a safe and affordable place for families and seniors. That means advocating for new affordable housing in our neighborhood. New construction in our neighborhood must include affordable housing so that seniors, working families, and people with disabilities can continue to make their homes in our community.

– Repeal the Urstadt Law and give New York City full control over its rent regulations.

– End vacancy destabilization and bring apartments back permanently under rent regulation.

– Guarantee equal amenities and access to tenants regardless of whether they are in market or below-market units (no “poor-door“).

– Include and enforce clawback provisions for all government subsidies for affordable housing. Developers who fail to live up to their promises must pay the consequences.

– Make sure that affordable housing includes units for families of every size and diverse income, including moderate and middle-income families.

– Support Mayor de Blasio’s $41 billion housing program to build or preserve 200,000 new units of housing.

– As Chair of the Board of Visitors of the CUNY School of Law, Rebecca will partner with the Law school and its students to bring free housing legal aid and forums to the 76th Assembly District.